Book:Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism by Yunus Muhammad

Creating a World Without PovertyMuhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Price winner, in his continuing fight to make poverty history promotes a new type of enterprise which has as its objective to make a difference. These social business enterprises will be self sustainable, in his words “no loss, no dividend enterprises”. He refers to two types of such enterprises one having investors like the latest joint venture between Grameen and Danone, an enterprise providing fortified yoghurt to malnourished children. Investors will get their capital back, but, profits will be injected back to the company to continue to achieve its objective. The second type of social business enterprise is a for-profit model but owned by the poor such as Grameen Bank.This book goes in depth explaining his “Next Big Idea” social businesses and also present some ideas on how corporations and individuals can take part in achieving a “world without poverty”. It is inspirational and of course uplifting. Highly recommended. Past related entry on this topic, “Muhammad Yunus promotes social businesses”

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